Kenton Reimer Founder 


Kenton is an industry professional in business development and operational management with over 30 years of extensive corporate experience. He has started, managed and mentored start-ups and existing business and organizations in a variety of sectors including non-profit, bio-tech, legal, media, construction/land development, and natural resources. This knowledge has given him the ability to identify why businesses fail, and how to turn obstacles into advantages.


He also has significant public speaking experience. In the natural resource sector he has delivered training to over 700 industry personnel, including corporate executives. His non-profit speaking engagements have covered topics such as personal development and life skills.  

Jasmine Reimer | Sustainability Consultant

Jasmine is passionate about seeing the private sector contribute to solving some of the world’s most pressing issues. She holds a Master of Science degree from Oxford University’s Department of International Development as well as a Sustainable Business Strategy Certificate from Harvard Business School. 


She has supported and worked on a variety of community development projects related to homelessness, refugee/immigrant integration, human rights, and employment creation. Most recently, she worked at a Calgary-based law firm in which she developed the firm’s first Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and Action Plan. She ultimately wants  to help purpose-driven businesses contribute to the creation of inclusive, stable, and prosperous societies.   

Aaron Reimer | Videographer

Aaron wants to help modern businesses and organizations communicate their values and purpose through the lens of his camera. His background is in music production, videography, and information technology. He is an alumni of APRA - the Academy of Production and Recording Arts where he studied audio engineering.  More recently, he has developed his creative expertise through filming and editing promotional videos for nonprofits, real estate firms, theatre companies, musicians, and more. He has an eye for detail, ear for sound, and an aptitude for compelling storytelling.

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