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A business mentor is a professional who has their own unique business experience and can guide you through making difficult decisions, point out ways of improvement, ask you the tough questions and motivate you to want to achieve higher levels of performance, all within the bounds of a trusted relationship

Nearly 50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years.  Statistics indicate that companies overwhelming succeed and survive 5 years or more when they include mentoring as part of their business strategy.

Mentors also:

  • Reduce the level of risk when making business decisions

  • Offer guidance and share ideas and potential solutions during a growth phase

  • Help make positive progress more quickly

  • Identify problems with business and discuss potential strategies for improvement

  • Provide a sounding board for ideas and discuss the viability of those ideas


Identifying areas for business growth  

Tactical decision-making

Identifying present and future roadblocks to success

Personal growth and leadership skills 

Accountability and alignment to vision and mission 

Productivity and time prioritization

Operational efficiencies

Our Focus Areas

How We Mentor

How We Mentor

Weekly Alignments

This service allows a business owner to access a business mentor on a week by week basis so they can have a sounding board and support to work through crucial and often complex business matters.

(Available Online)

Extended Mentoring

These extended business mentoring sessions (monthly/yearly) are meant to help a business lay down a solid foundation for growth and sustainability as a business starts or scales up. 

(Available Online)


If you are looking for support in your business, I would highly recommend hiring Kenton Reimer as your business mentor.  Kenton is extremely gifted in assisting business owners in identifying the ways that they are looking to grow, both personally as well as in their business, and then helping them to remove the potential roadblocks to their success.  Kenton asks the difficult questions, and then helps business owners create a plan to implement the execution of the changes needed.  He also encourages you to dream, and to gain greater clarity about what you want and where you are going. Kenton is also one of the kindest people you will ever meet, and he makes the process of running your business so much more enjoyable.  I believe hiring him and Reimer Collective Inc. is an invaluable investment for any business owner.

—  Chelsea Thoms, Owner, Lawyer - Global Equity Law

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