• Kenton Reimer

Reimer Collective - Who Are We?

Updated: Feb 1

Welcome to Reimer Collective’s first website blog!

Our company launched in 2020, a couple of months before COVID-19 took root in Canada. The COVID-19 government response with its lock-downs and restrictions created added challenges for our brand new start-up. However, we’ve found ourselves with extra time to fine-tune each element of our company to better suit the new economic realities brought on by the pandemic.

As our website states, Reimer Collective is a business consulting firm that helps companies maximize their potential and achieve sustainable growth through business mentoring, sustainable business strategy and videography services. Our focus is start-ups, small and medium sized companies who not only want business success but want to create meaningful change in their communities, locally, nationally, and globally. This is our vision and purpose.

We are convinced if businesses, from their inception, build into their DNA a desire to make a profit and benefit society they will experience greater success.

To introduce myself, I’m (Kenton Reimer) the principal in the firm. After nearly 30 years helping start, manage, or mentor businesses, I felt it was time to unpack and share my experiences through a blog before my hair gets even greyer.

I’ve been privileged to assist companies in a variety of industry sectors including natural resources, construction, land development, sports and recreation, bio-tech, legal, media and non-profit organizations. The exposure to a wide range of industries, plus owning my own companies, has given me an ability to quickly assess a client’s challenges and provide them with workable solutions.

I specifically enjoy mentoring business owners on the nitty gritty issues of starting and operating new ventures. This includes addressing practical matters such as:

● Assisting individuals determine their suitability for business ownership.

Identifying the required steps to start a business.

Ensuring owners select the right people on their leadership / executive team.

Providing learned insights to help owners avoid common pitfalls.

Helping business owners grow personally and professionally.

Reimer Collective has other amazing consultants on the team who provide support for our clients in the areas such as research, sustainable strategies, and videography. Jasmine and Aaron Reimer are positioned to assist clients build socially responsible businesses and help them communicate their unique brand and story.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this blog. If you have any questions or would like to talk further about our services, please fill out the “Contact Us” page on the website!